A civilization gone with the wind

Favourite Outfits: [3/3] Jane Eyre (2011) - Jane Eyre (Rochester)

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John William Waterhouse - The Decameron

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Film Facts: Pride and Prejudice (2005)

At the beginning of the film, Elizabeth is shown reading a novel titled “First Impressions” - this was Jane Austen’s original title of her novel before she altered it to “Pride and Prejudice”. Additionally the text of the visible pages is readable when paused; it is the last chapter of Pride and Prejudice, with names changed.

“I turned the pages so fast. And I suppose I was, in my mindless way, looking for a something, version of myself, a heroine I could slip inside as one might a pair of favourite shoes.”

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The glories of nature. What are men compared to rocks and mountains?

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It’s Vronsky